Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Park City, week of July 4th 2011

Now that it is nearly February of 2012 it seems that June and July of 2011 were ions ago, nevertheless they were fabulous months in our lives and I would be so sad to not have captured our amazing adventures on my blog.

Over the summer we spent more than 100 hours in our car getting from Texas to Salt Lake, back to Texas, then to Virginia, then back again to Texas. Our kids were wonderful sports and endured all of our crazy drives---including driving straight through the night on each leg with only the very occasional stop for food. I think we were all surprised by how smoothly things went and how much we enjoyed uninterrupted family time.

This post is of some quality relaxation time in Park City, Utah. However, I am unfortunately chronicling our time in Utah backwards because this mini-trip to Park City happened toward the end of our time out west. Oh well, there is no time now to waste and wait until I have uploaded all of the other photos from when we were in Utah or else I am sure it will again be months before I get into the groove of blogging. Originally I had planned to just to do one long post from our trip to SLC but when I got all of the pictures I wanted to share into one folder I realized that there were nearly 200 pictures---way too long for one post (even for me). So, I decided to break the trip up into a few posts but I had already begun uploading pics from the end of the trip.

We spent the week of the 4th of July at one of our favorite mountain getaways in Park City. After welcoming sweet little Milo Miller to the family on July 1st we decided to all head a few miles away so the Miller family could get a little rest without us all there driving them crazy. The Lee family has come to love our Park City getaways because we realize that we are just far enough away from everyone to be able to spend quality time with our family doing things we love (outlet shopping, swimming, Alpine Slide, Rocky Mountain Fuge, Main Street, etc.) yet we are still close enough to drive down to be with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Dad and me waiting for the fireworks display to begin on the 4th

a distant and dark shot of the kids who had wandered over to a nearby fireworks display of some other random hotel guests

the gang cruising the fields before show time


Me and Abs

Grandpa, Lexie, and me

please notice that Tate is wearing a U of U sweatshirt of Jessie's...from the PINK line at Victoria's Secret

three handsome guys that I couldn't possibly love any more than I do

all three of these facial expressions are priceless

I guess Grandpa had had enough of the mom-arazzi

one tired girl who couldn't care less about the fireworks

When we got back to the hotel all of the kids headed straight for one of the fire pits with all of the gear for S'Mores. Lex was very sad when they all left so we decided she needed a banana Creamy (Uncle Josh's favorite and a MUST when you are in Utah).

She seemed content with her consolation prize.

And her babysitter seemed happy to partake as well.

three happy campers enjoying their s'mores in the rain

daddy is the best marshmallow toaster in the family

Lexie really took to wanting to wear socks with her sandals, I guess she knew she was in Utah...these socks of Daddy's were a little large

the whole gang (minus one) ready for some fun on the Alpine Slide

Oh, there's that other kid, crying behind Mommy. I can't remember now why Ruby was angry but I'm sure she had a good reason.

This year we decided not to leave Ruby at the bottom of the slide with a security guard, she rode with Mom.

Ruby did not want to get off the slide and wanted to somehow magically go in reverse back up to the top.

Lexie came to help persuade her.

Abbie left the top at the same time as Ruby and I did but somehow she ended-up way behind us. Poor Bracken was forced to go slow behind his sister.

...finally pulling into the end of the track.

Luckily Bracken is always a good sport and doesn't seem phased by his inability to speed.

One very cute girl with a not-so-surprising request... ride the slide again.

Remembering the perfect mother for me on her birthday, July 6th

We decided to venture over to Heber one day while in Park City. We had a really fun time just driving around and seeing what the town has to offer. We all especially liked the "Dairy Keen" and stopped to get some ice cream there.

Conductor Tate

Waiting for their ice cream

Conductor Bracken

Kid-sized ice cream...

...Daddy-sized ice cream.

one little girl looks very excited

Daddy always shares


This is definitely the most lady-like way to eat ice cream in public

The snow in July on the top of the mountain as we drove over from Midvale back to Park City was just too tempting for this Dad to pass up.

An impromptu snowball fight with the kids!

Let 'er rip! What Dad throws a snowball at his seven year old son who is bent over and not looking? I guess Justin thought he needed an advantage.

Don't dish it out if you can't take it Dad. They are running to get their revenge.

Lexie and I stayed in the car during the snowball fight. I was happy about that, she was not.

It seems as though some snow ricocheted off of Justin's face and onto the inside lens of his sunglasses. Comfy.

Shoes all lined up------back in the hotel room this is how our shoes looked each night.
Mommy, Ruby, Lexie, Daddy, Tate, Bracken, and Abbie

Kids all lined up-----and this is how the kids looked each night. Even though we were staying in a condo with multiple bedrooms, a family room, and a kitchen (i.e. there were plenty of beds) my kids stayed true to form and all wanted to sleep together just like they do at home. This is a photo of them squished into the foldout couch in Grandpa's room. Can you imagine the snoring coming from the four kids plus Grandpa? Delightful.

Tate on the edge

I stood on my Dad's bed to get this shot. I just couldn't believe that anyone would want to sleep like this.
note: Bracken is the one with blanket over his face.

I guess they got enough rest, even with all that snoring because the next day we went back to the Alpine Slide to use the tickets for the Alpine Coaster.

Bracken rode with Dad.

The girls walking with Grandpa and wanting to know if it's as fun as it looks.

I love these girls and I LOVE that they love each other!!!

Grandpa got to go a second time, this time with Ruby Jane!!

Mommy and Abbie

big feet, little feet

family photo before Tate and Ruby needed to be separated...

...and family photo after they were separated. I'm not sure where I'm looking, everyone else seems to be looking in the right direction.

Poor Lexie was not old enough to do any of the rides so she waited behind with whichever group wasn't on the coaster. We decided that she deserved a treat for being such a good girl.

Marshmallow's dipped in chocolate and sprinkles, I think she likes it!

Ok, we decided that we ALL needed a treat.

Watch out for Grandpa he likes to sneak a bite!

Abbie realized she made the wrong treat choice, she DOES in fact like caramel

Someone could lose a finger!

Tate backpack

Daddy and one of his girls

summer baby

three sisters heading to the car with their treats

my little babes

Can't you see why we love being in Park City so much? Looking back on this trip makes me wish we were going back again this year but the new baby means we will be staying closer to home and enjoying our new swimming pool instead of logging a zillion hours in the car. These memories will have to last us until the next time we are able to make it back to PC, this time as a family of EIGHT!!!!!