Monday, March 23, 2009

This could never have happened in real life tag

It turns out that during my blogging hiatus I was "tagged" by one of my best friends (Rachel) and clearly I never responded.   If this had been a real game of tag and I had been running from someone but had taken a good whollop to my back I am sure it would not have taken me 27 days to react---though I may still have be it since running is not my strong suit.

The "tag" was to go to the sixth photo folder on my computer and post the sixth picture in that folder.  So, here it is in all its eyes-closed glory:

This picture was taken outside the Silver Diner in Tyson's.  We met up with Justin's side of the fam for a little goodbye breakfast before hitting the road for our trek to Florida and then Texas.  As you can clearly see Abbie was furious, my eyes were closed, my mother-in-law's eyes were closed, Tate was trying to take his shoes off, and apparently my father-in-law had to sit on a different bench because there wasn't enough room for him on ours.  For all of the aforementioned reasons this was an awesome photo for this experiment.  At the very least this offers a chance at a great trip down memory lane!

I am now supposed to tag six people (I will spare my sisters who have already been tagged):
1. Maere Weed
2. Bethany Durham
3. Danielle Wright
4. Meredith Swift
5. Audrey Carlson
6. Lonna Barlow


Lonna said...

Classic. Love the eyes closed shots that never really make it onto the blog. Well I see now that exchanging blogging info may have been a mistake, I thought that I was out of the tagging loop, should have known better. I suppose that I better get going on the tag.

The Wright's said...

You are PREGNANT???!!! I was shocked when I read your last post! Congratulations!! You are such an amazing person! I have two kids, but I feel like I have TEN!! I don't know how you do it! I love the picture too...eyes closed and all! Your kids are darling!

Jessie and Taylor Miller said...

1- Love that Bracken was allowed to take a piece of a wooden train track in the restaurant.
2-Nice father/son matching outfits.
3-Abbie's fury is hilarious.
4- I wondered if you had set up a self timer for the shot until I clicked on the photo to enlarge it and saw Kelly's reflection.

Louise Durham said...

This is Margaret, not Louise just so youknow. surprise! Your having number 5?!!! Do you realize what a slug you are making me feel like? I believe I got married a little bit before you and now am having only my second? YOu are amazing. You truly must be superwoman. That's probably why Grandma likes you more than me! Haha Congrats!

megan&steve said...

This tagged photo is a definate winner. I agree with Jessies comments.

Sierra said...

Your family is so cute. It's been a long time... How do you like Texas? I was born there you know.

Bethany said...

Oh, I just noticed that you tagged me...I'll have to get on that!!!