Sunday, November 29, 2009

What, we're having turkey? Do we have to go catch him ourselves?

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is over and Daddy is home from the ward Turkey Bowl, it must be time for the turkey to go in...Abbie thought we would have to go catch and kill the turkey ourselves.

Abbie thought these napkin rings were bracelets, like party favors from the dinner

For some reason Justin prefers to have his cranberry jelly from the can, not homemade, so I do both but I always make sure that his stays---as ghetto as it is---in the shape of the can and don't empty it into the bowl until the last minute

Somehow Tate found leftovers from Bracken's birthday cake and dug in while we weren't paying attention

fabulous...back into the shower

I was alone in the kitchen, or so I thought, I turned and saw Lexie on the counter in her bouncy seat..apparently she can grab for things now, but doesn't know how to let go, she stayed like this for a while

she didn't know what to think of the music...or the camera

Ahhh, the wonderful smell of a turkey on thanksgiving

Gumdrops always mean apple turkeys in our house, thank you mom for a wonderful tradition

Abbie going to town, she always thinks the more the better

grandpa is very serious about the art of apple turkey making

grandpa's turkey made it to the table

this is where Justin found Tate, still at the table, just not visible

Bracken's great turkey, complete with waddle

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

Ok, so I caved. For the first time I allowed my children to not be an ensemble cast for Halloween. Do I regret it? Yes. Did I really have a choice? No. We were planning on having our entire family dress as the cast from The Wizard of Oz but the costumes available were either slutty or subpar. I decided that in order to do the movie justice I would need to make at least a few of the costumes, unfortunately time was not on our side this year and there was no way to make it happen. My Grandpa Lee passed away on October. 14th and we flew out to Utah for the funeral that was held on October 19th. We stayed for 10 days and returned home just in time for Halloween but with no time to create our own costumes. I will have to post about our time in Utah and my AMAZING Grandpa in another post---he deserves his own tribute, but for now here is a little of what Halloween looked like in our house.

Ruby apparently thinks that she is part of this class...and that she is old enough for school. She spent the whole time dancing around in front of each class following the singing teacher as she led the children in song. I know she stole the show and blocked a lot of parents who were trying to take pictures of their children who legitimately belong at the school.

Tate wants nothing to do with these Halloween shenanigans but I am doing a great job of making a fool of myself trying to get him into the spirit of things.

Someday my prince will come, Argh!

Lexie had her 2 month appointment right after the preschool parade so we thought we'd better take a picture of her. Time is passing too quickly and we are not taking enough pictures!

Baby Lexie does not love cameras.

School pick-up after the festivities. Wow!! Dad's never here, hooray!!

Tate is really into being shy and hiding behind things, trees, walls, cars, whatever is nearby and larger than he is.

I see this face way too often.

faux hawk

see what I mean about the hiding and peeking out?

someone needs to visit a dentist...or find Bella and Edward

watch out Volturi

Pumpkin math with Dad

Abbie pouting as I try and get a photo of my girls with their Halloween hairbows in the Costco parking lot

she reluctantly came

and was happy once she was allowed to hold Lex

yummy chocolate muffin, thank you Costco

something is strange about this picture, do you see it?

Abbie and Ava-Kate from down the street

Lexie crying that she doesn't want to wear a princess costume meant for a small dog

Grandpa Allen helping Lexie to feel happier

This was Tate the entire night, he insisted on pulling the wagon the whole time

Cinderella hiding from the paparazzi

Like a palace guard, nothing will make him crack

Top it Mom!!!! Ruby often puts her hand out for me to "top it"!!

The pumpkin that Bracken and Justin carved at school

too many treats and time to go home