Friday, August 7, 2009

365 days away from a new decade

Happy Birthday Brooke, the big 2-9!!

My birthday breakfast of an orange glucose drink that I drank on the way to the hospital to have my blood drawn for my gestational diabetes test. Nothing says Happy Birthday like fasting for 18 hours and then having your blood drawn.

All I wanted to do for my birthday is go to the gym and have an ice cream cake. We hadn't been to the gym in a month because of our huge road trip and the kids had asked to go EVERY day, especially Tate because it is definitely his favorite place. Unfortunately our time was cut short by me beginning to have a lot of contractions on the elliptical. Justin made me get off and said we were not ready to have the baby that day. It was probably all for the best because that meant more time at the gym pool for the kids to go down the water slides and play in the fountains.

My aforementioned ice cream cake, so delicious I'm not sure why I only have them on my birthday

Justin laughing at me begging him not to ruin my ice cream cake with a zillion candles of fire and candle wax. He does not respect my wishes.

"I try it!!!" Tate would really like a turn with the camera.

Just back from the pool and the gym then straight to cake...calories out and double the calories in

Thanks for the help kids, with each passing year the fire grows larger

finally, the gift from grandpa...the kids were dying to see what was in that huge box!

after opening Bracken's gift that he made me days before my birthday, he fashioned the jewelry out of odds and ends from mine and Abbie's jewelry boxes

a little Betsey bling from the Nordstrom's sale

Bracken's homemade jewelry, bling bling!

And now Abbie got a hold of the camera...she LOVES to take pictures

silly faces

come on Abbie, how about a kiss?

Watch out next July, thirty years old here I come!!!


Anna See said...

This is so great! You are so blessed. xo

J and Rachel Kirkham said...

What was in the huge box for DBL??