Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Little Miss Muffin

This is the video for the post below.  I could never get it to work so Allie posted it for me separately.  Thanks Al.


Jessie and Taylor Miller said...

I love this! What a babe! Tate is so scary when he freaks out!!

The Weeds said...

Your kids are so dang cute! And I love Tate's angry face, I was laughing out loud :)

Gigi said...

I love it, I love it...I'm so glad that you're back!!! I just love little Taters and I can't wait to see them...! I will have some very cool cowboy picture books in my suitcase. --Gigi

Lonna said...

Nothing like a little blog post of the kids to make your day. I didn't know that Abby was in school, I think that if she is learning that rockin' version of little miss muffet, that must be one fun class.

The Carlsons said...

I was here. I saw your blog :-)

Your kids are growing up so fast. I see Abby hasn't given up her princess dresses!!


When are you coming to VA?