Thursday, April 2, 2009

Popsicle pants

Bracken has been looking forward to the play date he had this afternoon all week, it even kept him up last night; he lay awake asking me all kinds of questions about what sorts of toys I thought might be at Bennett's house.  I was looking forward to this play date too.  Justin has been gone all week and is not coming home until tomorrow night, so I knew I could use a little peace.  

There had once been a time when I had been reluctant to send my baby off into the unknown and preferred that his friends come to our house instead but I am definitely over that now.  I traded that fear in for the fear of what horrifyingly embarrassing thing he may do in someone else's home (that fear came after seeing what his little friends did at my house).  However, I had decided not to be concerned about Bracken going home with his friend because he has had a number of very successful play dates recently where--according to the other mothers--he has been very well-behaved and easy to have around.

Well, when I arrived to pick Bracken up at 4:30 everyone came to the door (and I mean everyone---the two dogs, the cat, the one-year-old sister, the mom, Bennett, and the Dad), everyone except Bracken.  Odd.  The other mother called out for Bracken and he appeared a few seconds later slowly making his way through their dining room to the front door.  He was ready to bolt out to our car until I pointed out that he had no shoes on and was also missing his backpack and other belongings from school.  He hesitantly walked to get his shoes and sat carefully down on their white living room carpet, where he had left his sneakers.  The other mother bent down and started helping Bracken put his shoes on while I made small talk with the Dad.  I looked over and noticed something sticking out of the back of Bracken's pants.

Me: Bracken what is that sticking out of your pants?
B: NOTHING MOM!  We can talk about it in the car.
Me:  But what is it?
B:  I SAID we can talk about it in the CAR!!!
The other mom:  Well, what is it?
B:  Ughhhh!
Me:  It looks like it may be some kind of food.
The other mom:  He did ask for another popsicle but I said no because I knew you were almost here and I didn't think you wanted all of your kids taking them in the car.
The Dad:  Are your buns feelin' a little cold there Bracken?
Me:  Well I would make him give it back but since it's been down his pants I doubt you want it.
B:  Oh look, the wrapper came off, now I definitely have to eat it, bye!

That's when he ran for the car without the rest of his stuff but with his purple creamsicle fully intact.  

Who is this thieving child?  He is usually brutally honest about the naughty things he engages in.  I have noticed lately, however, that he is kind of a closet eater.  Am I raising a son with food issues?  Why is he having to steal frozen treats and keep them in his pants?  I let my kids have candy, Bracken eats ice cream nearly every day (though he often gets it himself), and I don't talk about food all the time.  I do always make my kids eat something healthy first and if they are still "hungry" then we discuss a suitable treat.  We try to focus on discussing foods that give our bodies energy and what we need to be healthy but we also balance things out and live in the real world.  Allie can attest to the fact that I am notorious for baking brownies, cookies, banana bread, rice crispie treats, etc., on a weekly name it, we eat it.  So, I am choosing to believe that Bracken turned to stealing that popsicle because he has been watching too much Aladdin.  Maybe he believes that "you gotta eat to live, you gotta steal to eat."

Really I guess I just need to buy popsicles and be relieved that he didn't have a diamond bracelet hidden down there.


Mer Swift said...

I like that you were trying to analyze his behavior. I think you are doing everything right. THis is my theory -- he just REALLY wanted a popsicle at that moment.

Jake and Katie Kirkham said...

hahaha. I dont think you have to worry. Sounds like the kid just really wanted that popsicle. haha.

I hope you guys are doing well in Texas! Congrats on baby #5, you are officially my idol. How you do it all, no one knows. Your kids are just the sweetest most huggable things I ever have seen. Hope you guys get to meet our munchkin and little Chloe. Those Kirkham traits are strong huh?

J and Rachel Kirkham said...

I love how he was telling YOU that you had to talk about it in the care. He did not want to get caught. Way to go Bracken! Next time take the bracelet! Love that kid and love you all. I can't WAIT to see you guys so soon!! I hope the kids remember us...

abbie said...


Jessie and Taylor Miller said...

For some reason as I was reading I was picturing the popsicle being stuffed in his pocket, but then when the image of it being hidden in his pants and not his pocket came to mind I started laughing really hard!!!
I was worried where the story was headed when you were talking about the families white carpet! At least the popsicle didn't create some huge mess!!

Allie said...

How did I not notice this post until today. That was hilarious! I was at first worried that your post was going to involve melting popsicle melting in the other family's carpet. Good thing he didn't ask to eat something like spaghetti!

How did the other kids handle the fact that only Bracken had a popsicle.

And, finally, yes you do bake more than most non-bakery owners.

Lonna said...

I always knew that Aladdin was a bad influence and now I have the stuff to prove it. Just kidding. I think that is really funny, all the shenanigans just for a little Popsicle.

The things that kids do in front of others is enough to make you really wonder what they are learning at school, well maybe that is just me.
So what yummy treats will you be baking this weekend?

Heather & Dave said...

HAHA! I can't believe the whole family came to the door and that the Dad said "are your buns feelin a little cold there Bracken?" That story was so funny - Grace used to eat treats in the closet when I babysat them. It's probably just a phase.