Sunday, May 10, 2009

The after party

I realized when we got back from Virginia that I have zero pictures of my newest nephew Brody on the day of his blessing.  It was a beautiful day and a very special occasion and I'm sure Jessie got tons of pictures but somehow I missed out.  The blessing was wonderful and it was so great to have so many special people there to celebrate this new little life.  Jessie and Taylor were lucky that all of the family on both sides could be in attendance and that Taylor's family made the trek all the way from Las Vegas!

I hadn't planned on blogging about this even since a) I have no pictures of the main event, and b) because it was not my child being blessed.  However, after scrolling through the photos Justin had taken of everyone in my Dad's basement having ice cream after the blessing I cam across the BEST PICTURE EVER!!!!!!  It is of my brother-in-law Ben and it definitely deserved to be made public.  You will have no trouble picking it out.

the gang getting counter service

Mylie and Elle waiting in a booth for their ice cream

yummy ice cream at grandpa's soda fountain

Ruby investigating where the music is coming from

Abbie and Mylie rocking out



Mer Swift said...

Oh, how I want some of that caramel sundae! How incredibly fun to get together with your sister's in-laws and to be friends with them (meaning Crystal, of course!)!

Allie said...

Oh, Ben, a picture says a thousand words...

abbie said...

such a fun celebration! and i love josh and your dad behind the counter.. true service!

Lonna said...

Looks like the best way to have ice cream, at your own old fashioned ice cream parlor.

You know James and I knew a couple that had an out building on their property that was turned into a soda shoppe. It looked so similar to your dads. How funny.

Love that last will live on forever!