Monday, May 11, 2009

Princess for a day

Due to a number of requests from both my sisters and my in-laws I have decided to post pictures from Abbie's fourth birthday last week.  As you can imagine it was a very magical day for her and she had been waiting for it for weeks!!!  Some of the pictures we took were from a different camera so I will post those for posterity later.  Here is a brief description of what we did at the party: decorate foam picture frames (which Justin filled with pictures of the girls arriving on the red carpet in front of the castle---he took pictures of them as they arrived and printed them out during the party so that the girls could leave with a picture in the frame), decorate princess wands, decorate princess crowns, decorate little pink tote bags, play kiss the prince (i.e. a poster of Zack Efron), kill a pinata, open presents, and have cake.  A fun time was had by all and Abbie was in heaven.  Justin and I were told by Abbie on numerous occasions throughout the day that it was the best day ever and the best birthday ever!

Perhaps I will post in more detail how the day went at a later date but for now all anyone wants are the photos!

Abbie loving her castle

her own little door

come on in

soldier guarding the door despite being asked not to 

Abbie and Olivia

waiting for more friends

red carpet pose

Abbie and Gwen

the open-mouth kiss on Zack's face was from Abbie

hooker, transvestite, or the Joker?

Gwen preferred to wear the scarf like a hippie and leave her eyes unveiled, yet still chose to kiss the mascot

Bracken wanted a turn to be blind-folded but didn't want to wear lipstick or kiss a boy

Abbie taking her best shot

the kids trying to pull the ribbons to make the candy fall

Lonna giving them a little extra help

Abbie opening gifts

the balloon Abbie had to have from Party City

her cake came in its own little house

This is the cake Abbie spotted at the bakery at the grocery store back in september and finally it is hers!!!!

the girls waiting patiently

Abbie distracted by her new music box

blowing out the candle

Ruby slept through the party but after her nap I let her wander through the aftermath and this is where I found her

she had found the remnants of the pinata

yum...jolly ranchers


Allie said...

Wow! Zack will be extra disappointed if he ever sees these pictures. It looks like a fabulously fun party. Too bad you didn't paint any of the girls' nails so they could have told you that you did a much worse job than their own mother does.

Jake and Katie Kirkham said...

Perfect. What more could a little girl ask for??

(Way to be Ruby! I was always that kid in every family picture. Fresh nap time hair wondering through the wreckage of what my four older siblings had left trying to find just a little taste of candy)

molly said...

what a party! i love the cake!!! and the castle door with the red carpet! and RUBY!!

p.s. i have noticed that all of your post have to do with parties! what a festive family!

Jessie and Taylor Miller said...

Hooray!! Thanks for posting these photos!! What a fabulous event planner you are! This party really made me hope that the next kiddo will be a girl so I can buy an elaborate castle cake! Abbie is gorgeous! I love Bracken as a soldier guarding the castle, and Ruby looks adorable in those photos! She is getting so big!
P.S. Are you the only blonde mama in Texas?!

Anna See said...

What a fabulous party!

megan&steve said...

Jake really likes the cake pictures. I really liked that Bracken didn't want lipstick or to kiss a boy.
How could you ever top this princess party?

abbie said...

ok 1, so creative of you to make that cute little entrance for the princess party! 2, i am going with the joker for abbie's lipstick face-- i laughed out loud! so funny. 3, i love that abbie has been longing for her grocery store cake since september. she is such a character! looks like everyone had a blast.

Heather and Dave said...

What a fun party, you and Justin are such fun parents!! I laughed out loud at the joker or transvestite title to the photo :D Also, your camera takes really nice photos, did you get a new one? Or is it from your i-phone? Nice work on the party and I'm glad you caught ruby in the act of eating candy. Those pictures were adorable!

Lonna said...

For days after the party Gwen asked me when we were going back to the castle. I was just glad that she wasn't asking if she could put on the bright pink lipstick.

You did a fantastic job on the party, the decorations, the crafts/activities, and the cake. I mean slaving away for hours just to make the roses, just kidding, however that was a pretty great cake.

Thanks for having us over, I hope that you know that Gwen is probably Abbie's biggest fan. Time will tell when she is asking me if she can have Abbie color hair.

Oh and Ruby, she cracks me up. I love that she is sitting on the table eating the melty jolly ranchers. So funny.