Sunday, November 29, 2009

What, we're having turkey? Do we have to go catch him ourselves?

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is over and Daddy is home from the ward Turkey Bowl, it must be time for the turkey to go in...Abbie thought we would have to go catch and kill the turkey ourselves.

Abbie thought these napkin rings were bracelets, like party favors from the dinner

For some reason Justin prefers to have his cranberry jelly from the can, not homemade, so I do both but I always make sure that his stays---as ghetto as it is---in the shape of the can and don't empty it into the bowl until the last minute

Somehow Tate found leftovers from Bracken's birthday cake and dug in while we weren't paying attention

fabulous...back into the shower

I was alone in the kitchen, or so I thought, I turned and saw Lexie on the counter in her bouncy seat..apparently she can grab for things now, but doesn't know how to let go, she stayed like this for a while

she didn't know what to think of the music...or the camera

Ahhh, the wonderful smell of a turkey on thanksgiving

Gumdrops always mean apple turkeys in our house, thank you mom for a wonderful tradition

Abbie going to town, she always thinks the more the better

grandpa is very serious about the art of apple turkey making

grandpa's turkey made it to the table

this is where Justin found Tate, still at the table, just not visible

Bracken's great turkey, complete with waddle


Annika said...

Those apple turkeys are way way too good. I have never seen that before!

Allie said...

Well, at least you got a delicious dinner. What was it that you said to me on the phone moments after I explained my menu, oh yes, "So you're saying you had nothing good for Thanksgiving?"

The picture of Justin smelling the turkey when it comes out of the oven looks like the majority of the pictures I ever see of Bracken. Do you have a scented camera, because I swear that is the same expression Bracken usually makes for the camera. Well, please keep having Dad go to your house for Thanksgiving, because your decorations were much nicer and your food more scrumptious.

Lonna said...

Thanksgiving looks wonderful at your house. I love all the little apple turkeys that were made, your dads was quite fantastic. I think that I would have displayed it on the table too.

Way to go on the yummy looking turkey Justin. Your kids don't know how lucky they are that you go all out for each holiday. I am really impressed by you Brooke.

The Weeds said...

Happy Birthday, Miss Ruby!! Love all the cookies, makes my tummy grumble :) And Thanksgiving looked like so much fun. Most of my Thanksgivings I remember being with you guys. I sure do love all those memories. We'll all have to do it again sometime, ALL of us, that would be fun.