Sunday, December 6, 2009

RUsters turns TWOsters with a tutu and tiara party (instant gratification for my doubting sister)

Today Ruby turns two years old and I am astounded that she is so young! Usually I am surprised that my kids are getting so old on their birthday's but Ruby seems as though she has been part of our family forever. This is one little girl who knows what she wants and is packed with personality! She wears princess dresses or princess nightgowns over her clothes everywhere we go. With the exception of church, which is where I draw the line, Ruby truly wears something she deems glamorous every single day. She uses phrases like, "ooh, la, la" and calls herself "pretty" and "gorgeous". Each morning when she wakes up (wearing pajamas with a princess dress over the top) I take her out of her crib and change her diaper at which time she heads straight for Abbie's jewelry box to accessorize. Once outfitted in several necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings, she is willing to come down and join the rest of us for breakfast.
I had thought Abbie was a girly girl back before Ruby came along but now I realize that Ruby is the definition of what it means to be "girly". She wants everything to sparkle and is very much the real life version of Nancy from the children's book Fancy Nancy. She sighs a lot for emphasis and will put her head on her shoulder to be coy or cute. She clasps her hands together like Snow White does when she is being beautiful and innocent. Basically she has life figured out and is going to manipulate us all.
Don't let this darling little exterior fool you, she can also scream with the best of 'em. She is my only child so far to become rigid and stiff as a board when I try and put her in her car seat, or to go completely limp while I try to safely hold her hands near busy roads or parking lots (one time resulting in a dislocated elbow and emergency trip to the pediatrician). Like I said earlier, she knows what she wants and she knows how to get it! Gotta love this girl!!

she wasn't quite sure what to do with the present, she loved it before she even opened it

the creepy baby that Ruby had loved at Toys R Us, she spent a really long time laughing with this doll at the store (the doll laughs and moves its arms)

Bracken realized that the baby came with a bottle

Ruby has a look on her face that I'm sure I sometimes get while feeding my kids...hmm, well this'll keep the baby quiet

there's a happier mommy feeding picture

she has now opened a nightgown (which is what I requested from the grandparents because I knew she'd love them)... this is her saying "wear it! wear it!"

more princesses for our princess!!

ooh you baby, you're driving me crazy! I could just wring your neck!

the perfect princess book from Gigi along with a special nightgown

oh my, what is this? A-yay-oh? (Ariel)


this is just too much!

Princess Pez and surely something else special from Grandma and Grandpa Allen

prince charming tries to give a kiss before leaving for the airport

Oh baby, I love you!

enough sugar for several stomachaches

a once full bowl of chocolate chips before we even begin decorating

Mom, do you know that thing is on fire?

attempt # 22 to blow out this candle (check out the chocolatey drool)

you can see the huge string of spit when you make this one big

the flame finally went out, I did it! I did it!!

a princess with blonde hair, white gloves, and a pink dress...ooh, la, la (as Ruby would say)

should I be saving this?

yo, what up, no I am not too tough for pink hearts with sprinkles

we are NOT having cake in addition to cookies with this much frosting

these are delicious mom

but perhaps I'll add a little frosting

and perhaps Abbie will add a ton more

they each got their own plate with a castle, coach, glass slipper, crown, magic wand, number 2, a princess or prince charming, a horse (for the coach), and some other miscellaneous shapes

nothing would be complete without sprinkles

shocked when i realized Tate had disappeared from his plate full of confections, I turned to see this (we got our Christmas tree last night and had just started putting lights and ball ornaments on it right before the party)

almost there


how am I ever going to get that out?

She notices what has happened to her precious tutu that she wears everywhere, including to the gym


Look mom, it's a castle and a smiley face


Jessie and Taylor Miller said...

Touche(If I am in fact the doubting sister you are referring to).
I loved this post! I remember holding Ruby the day she was born. Oh I love that little lady!
Happy Birthday Ruby!

Also.. good job on getting the Thanksgiving post up. Lexie is a gorgeous doll! And that photo of Bracken at the end is a rare showcase of his real and adorable smile!

Allie said...

Oo La La! Looks like so much fun. With that many pictures, it was like being there to celebrate too. The cookie cutters you found were great (not greta as I accidently typed first). I was thrown off momentarily when in the midst of the cookie cutter shapes you mentioned you had a cookie cutter for a "number two" but then looked at the picture for clarification and recalled Ruby is now two. If only her second birthday had been on a Tuesday. I guess either way it was a Ruby TWOsday.

Anna See said...

Oooh la la! What a beautiful princess! Happy Birthday.

abbie said...

The photo of her somewhat begrudgingly feeding her baby is hilarious. Somebody's gotta get this job done! She is so cute.

Bethany said...

I think my favorite is the picture of Bracken looking like such a tough guy holding up the pink heart cookie. Classic.

Lonna said...

Who doesn't love a princess party, I think that the boys do enjoy it just as much.

LOVE that pink tutu! I may have to inquire further about where you found it. What a darling girl Ruby is, and so fun. I like that she is always accessorized to the max, and must be pretty even when sleeping. I think that she may be one of the girls that must wear only dresses each day.(my friend has one of those) Always exciting at you house, and it seems that there is also always a party going on.

Heather and Dave said...

What a fun party! I am craving some sugar cookies and frosting right NOW. Ruby is adorable and it is crazy how time flies. Love how girly she is and how she says "Ariel". Loved the turkey post too - and we just put it together that you guys live down the street from our good friends the Harbachs - Jeff and Christa and their 3 GORGEOUS girls just moved from Vegas. Small, small world! We got their new address and it was really similar to yours, so we did some detective work and turns out Justin took jeff to the turkey bowl :) haha - hope you guys have a great christmas season! Miss yoU!!!!

Miller Family said...

So fun and so cute. I think Ruby and Elle are destined to be friends, maybe when we move to Texas!

megan&steve said...

Oh my oh My! Happy Birthday Miss Ruby.
You guys know how to party with Princesses & SUGAR!

Jessie said...

She is so cute! The cookies look yum! Happy Birthday!