Thursday, June 17, 2010

Last day of school

All three of the older kids had a great year this past year and I am so proud of the little people they are becoming. They have each grown and changed so much but they are better and more fun each and every day. I love to see the personalities that are developing and how they interact with their friends. Having so many siblings has made them very social and compassionate kids and I am grateful for that.
We are excited to begin a new summer that we can fill with adventures and days at the pool but we never want to forget the great year we've ended. Below are pictures from the various end-of-year activities, including celebrations of summer birthdays and field day. Thanks to everyone who made this an amazing year for the most important people in my life!!!

A very merry unbirthday to Tate!

Brian, if you touch my crown even one more time I swear I will not hold back!

Seriously man

when I lift up this crown you better either cover your face or run

Brian has been moved as you can see from the vacant seat behind me

yum, decorate your own cookie cake! Great idea Betsy!


thanks for a great year Ms.Nancy

uh, Ms. Tracey I somehow lost your card between our house and the school, but don't worry your Target gift card is safe

into Abbie's class

Abbie and the infamous Brooke Blakeney (please take note of the spectacular clip-on earrings of Ruby's that Abbie felt the need to wear to her last day, oh, and the Darth Vader ring from Greg's birthday cupcakes)

Abbie's crew. I guess I hadn't realized that there are "it girls" in a class of 4 and 5 year olds. Abbie's teacher assured me that there are. (Again, something to note. Greg is the devilishly handsome almost five year old behind Reagan. I can't tell you how much we had to hear about Greg this year. Justin is glad that Greg will be attending another elementary school.)

Who taught them to pose?

We love Ms. Pompa

and Ms. Q!

The whole gang (minus Bracken) in an impromptu picture when another mom insisted on playing photographer. I will choose to be happy that we will have this memory, even if the picture leaves much to be desired. I would have liked a do-over.

Dad's golf day at kindergarten, the day after Memorial Day. Justin let Bracken be the photographer so this is the only picture with someone I recognized in it.

Bracken at breakfast on the last day of school. It has just occurred to him that he will not be seeing his friends everyday this summer.

clearly he's over it by the time he's dressed for field day

bye bye to kindergarten

Bracken's teacher is moving so she decided to get rid of her college-aged daughter's beanie babies by giving them to her class. Thanks Ms. Leicht, everyone knows how much I love stuffed animals. Bracken has taken "Snuffy" everywhere for the past three weeks.

the last kindergarten drop-off...until Abbie next year...and Tate the year after that...and, you get the picture

field day relays

the shot we should have gotten is when his entire body disappeared completely into the bucket

kind of an inappropriate game with a pool noodle

he's still pretty fast

the three musketeer's! Bracken and his two best friends this year, Eric and Emily.

a busy morning painting at mom camp while Bracken was at his last day, their last day was the previous Friday

Ruby woke up and seemed unwilling to shed the Tinkerbell nightgown and since it's summer she didn't have to

smocks and jammies

awesome smile from my usually photogenic child

Summer here we come!!!!


Allie said...

Wonderful pictures! I love the architecture of the house that went up next door to you. It's really cool.

Jessie and Taylor Miller said...

Ruby looks like doris day in her bottom photo.i loved all of these pictures and had to enlarge and laugh at multiple. Especially Bracken being so sad. And i was confused bc snuffy looked like a real kitten in that first shot

The Weeds said...

I can't believe how fast these kids are growing up! I remember my last days of school as a kid, they were always so much fun, how good of you to get some pictures. And I love the kids painting, I like the simple easel and paper--where did you get that one?
p.s. I am so glad Miss Lexie is alright :) give her loves from Aunt Maere

The Weeds said...

p.s. could Ruby be any cuter in that second to last picture??!!

Anna See said...

Oh my goodness! I just loved seeing all this pics and getting a glimpse into your days. xo

Heather and Dave said...

What an adorable family and SUCH CUTE KIDS! Glad the last day of school festivities were a hit. You took some really fun photos and I love the smock and painting idea - OUTSIDE! I'll have to remember that one next time molly wants to paint. So so glad little Lexie is safe and sound and totally her little self - give her cute squishy cheeks a kiss from me. Can't wait to see you all again, hopefully soon! Keep us posted if you change the date of the big 30th birthday bash. xoxo!