Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mooster Cow comes to visit

The beginning of April meant the end of soccer season and the beginning of some freedom for our saturdays once again. We loved basketball and soccer but I spent three nights a week at practices with all five kids for six months and I was ready for a break, not to mention three games each saturday. Each of our kids teams made it to the playoffs but the final games were held on Sunday so our kids were unable to participate. Tate's team ended-up having their best game of the year that day and won for their age group, go team LA! Bracken's team lost in the final minutes, which was sad for the kids, but even worse was that they had a coach who was a very poor sport and told the kids to just go throw their trophies in the trash. I felt sad for team Las Vegas but realize I will be very careful in allowing my kids to be around certain kinds of coaches in the future. Abbie's team also lost but I'm not sure if she ever even asked me how her team had done, clearly soccer had not become her life.

What Abbie was excited about, however, was the fact that after waiting the entire school year it was finally her turn to be student of the week and take home the class mascot, Mooster Cow. Personally, I think the cow is hideous but Abbie loved him and was so excited to have him after months of anticipation so we were sure to take Mooster on several family outings.

The following are photos of the end of soccer season and also of our escapades with Mooster Cow.

hair bows and soccer totally mix

why is the parent bridge always such a crowd pleaser? i don't get it but Abbie LOVES it!

my weird son with the weird mascot

more weirdness

movies with Mooster

if you look really closely you can see two dirty foot prints on this kitchen table chair from my littlest girl who had been outside without shoes, someday I will miss finding traces of my little ones around

I pulled this out of Bracken's school folder. The captions really speak for themselves (cool--super kid, hot--corn dog, hotter--woman in bikini, hottest--girl underwear). I died laughing. Obviously he was thinking true temperature when it came to amount of clothing necessary for various temps. Super inappropriate and super hilarious.

even cows love the park.
doesn't Abbie look like a total babe in this picture? hard to believe she is in kindergarten.

Happy Friday night!
McDonald's for dinner while Dad's out of town.

there he goes! there he goes!


Tate's victory swing from Coach Pham right after he scored a goal

what a player

we ran into Reagan and Molly one field over, these girls are so happy to see each other

Ruby, Tate, Molly, Reagan, Abbie, and Mooster

time to put Mooster cow down and get in the game

Abbie and Tyler (both in Mrs. Berger's kindergarten class) with their mascot Mooster Cow

shooting practice with Dad at half time

the whole Munich team

backyard baseball with Mooster Cow

an unusual talent, cap-to-cap water bottle stacking

Mooster cow goes to church

family home evening
(look how many curls Lexie had before Ruby cut them all off)

evening dress-up with Mooster Cow

I know this is all sort of disjointed but I just really want to get my blog all caught up. Thanks for baring with me.


Lonna said...

That is one lucky cow. It has probably been to every single Mcdonalds in Austin, loads of car trips and front row seats at the athletic events, not to mention dress up and movies too.

That is a funny and fun idea for her class. Gwen's class has live turtles, I really hope that they don't have to come home with her, Stella will probably flush them down the toilet or something awful like that.

Welcome back to the blog, I have missed you.

Jessie and Taylor Miller said...

hi mooster. weird to see lex with so many curls!! shes still such a babe though!
fun to catch up on your blog. keep up the good work!