Thursday, September 1, 2011

Easter 2011

Tate waiting with his class before the easter egg hunt began

Tate totally being beaten by the girls heading towards the eggs

Tate and all of his buddies after their bags were full

Ms.Pompa made sure that Lexie had her very own egg

...or two
(they even match her dress)

decorating scratch eggs

bunny sugar cookies, yum!

two of my favorite guys! there is nothing better than daddy at a class party!

I guess she found the treats inside her eggs

the jelly beans were making her hands all sticky so someone was thoughtful enough to provide Lex with a cup

treats and her cozy, what a great party

new location, same thing happening

Ms. Q and her kangaroo's

it was a little dark inside on Easter Eve but it looks like the Easter Bunny made his delivery just fine

One extra deluxe easter delivery, but this one was for DADDY! Justin was a huge fan of the clear bowl that was part of a special edition Kitchen Aid so the Easter Bunny took note...even though mommy does all of the cooking and baking.

the kids were up before dawn to see what they had been left

Lexie was in candy heaven

she must have stole one of her sibling's Reese's carrots and I doubt they ever got it back, the phrase"taking candy from a baby" is very misleading, Lexie can hold her own

Tate admiring his newly-acquired light saber and video game
(notice the drying rack behind him and another basket, those are the things the Easter Bunny brought to me. There must be a very domestic Easter Bunny in Austin)

Bracken loved the frog and duck shaped eggs, he named them and kept them around for a few weeks

Lexie must not have gotten to Tate's basket

this girl is amazing at striking poses

headless peeps make me a little concerned about the psychological well-being of my baby

Bracken can't make it one mile in the car without taking off his shoes and socks, it drives me crazy. These pictures were taken after church.

Bracken looking extra relaxed, everyone else having the retina's burned out

picture taking...over it

cute little girls with opposite coloring

wait for it...

...there it is, troll picture.

Bracken and Abbie were in the same Sunday school class that day because Abbie's teacher was out of town but I think that it is interesting that they both thought to do rainbows around the exterior but then did such different self-portraits on the inside. I especially love Bracken's cow-lick curl in the middle of his forehead.


Juatin said...

It only looks like I was pointing to my muscle in pic 8, I wasn't.

Juatin said...

My name is Justin ...

Gigi said...

Love the Easter blog -- thank you so much, it makes us feel like we, the readers, are there with you! I am so very happy that Daddy gets to come to so many school parties. You put together a great blog, Brooke!