Thursday, September 1, 2011

Rainbows and Unicorns

I know that I am a girly-girl, and I know that I have three daughters, and I know I have not discouraged their girly-ness but I just did not have the stomach for another princess party for Abbie this year. I was so relieved when she told me she wanted to have a unicorn party. However, after some contemplation I realized that I had no idea what a unicorn party would consist of, so I thought and thought...and then I turned to the internet. It turns out that every little girl turning six around the world also was dreaming of a unicorn birthday and other moms were not as mentally blocked as myself. Quickly our unicorn party became a unicorn and rainbows party and we had more ideas than we would be able to use!

Abbie's invites ready to mail. I thought I had taken a picture of the actual invitation but I couldn't find it so I will have to add that later. It was darling and had rainbows on it, it was purchased from a lady in Australia and I printed them here.

I am all about birthdays (really all holidays) and making my kids feel like the whole world revolves around them on that day, so this is us with an embarrassingly huge display of balloons for Abbie at school.

Abbie and her pals in line for lunch (even though we brought Abbie her lunch)

Our gang at one of the special tables you sit at when your parents come to eat with you. You are allowed to choose one friend to sit with you and your parents at the special table but after several kids lobbied to join the Allen party I found Abbie's teacher and got the green light to include a few extras.

Abbie and one of her BFF's Ashlea

Rex was pretty sure that he should come and sit with Abbie too but she wanted girls only

Ruby admiring what was waiting at home for Abbie and all her friends

the cake, looking a little homemade

I am obsessed with the sparkle paper that is sold at Paper Source, I couldn't pass up the magenta paper when I saw it---totally Abbie!

the display

under the rainbow

the girls all made sparkly unicorn horns to wear and they got to choose their favorite color of glitter, here are my little ponies

I bought these neutral tote bags and drew a unicorn on each one and added the girls' names. I thought they would be so cute, I even painted the horns and hooves with gold glitter paint. Wait until you see how they turned out.

boxes for candy-to-go

A surprise visit form Mrs. Berger!! All of the girls were obsessed with their kindergarten teacher so one of the major benefits of having Abbie's party on her actual birthdays was that since it fell on a week day her teacher was totally happy to swing by on the way home from school.

in smocks decorating tote bags

blowing out candles

rainbow layer cake. sorry orange layer, I'm not sure what went wrong.

Mrs. Berger jumping with her girls

seriously, a black square Camilla? was my unicorn stencil that offensive?

ready to unwrap
(notice Mooster Cow in Abbey P.'s hand, it was her week for Mooster)

Abbie in heaven

I loved Abbie's dress, we had been looking for a special birthday outfit for a few weeks ( I couldn't handle pettiskirts again) and when i saw this sequin Nicole Miller number at Nordstrom's I knew it had rainbow birthday written all over it!

Julia and Lexie

oh I love you little gumball machine charm, how I wish your gumballs were real

the cake stands alone

Daddy wanted a race with a crepe paper finish line

Abbie won

Lexie wanted none of her Daddy's antics

get off of me

but Ruby was game

she must be Daddy's girl

more jewelry than she knew what to do with

bye bye balloon

ugh..such a bad idea

the sneaky last shot of Tate, he had broken his pinkie finger a few weeks before and needed this whole huge cast

Abbie had an amazing day and felt like a million dollars when she turned six. These days she is into jewelry, dress-up, being glamorous, make-up, playing school, and being super-social. I love my sweet girl and can't believe that she is growing up so quickly!


Weed Family said...

What at amazing party! One Abbie will remember forever for sure. The cake was my favorite, Brooke. I LOVED that it was homemade. It was darling. You did such a great job. Looked delicious, too. And do those sparkly dresses come in our size? I love it! Glad Abbie had a fun fun bday.

Jacqui said...

That cake is so amazing! It must have taken a whole lot of patience to make. I am sad about the orange layer, though. Did it just compact down?

I love the candy in the apothacary jars. I have a secret love affair with apoth jars.

What a super fun birthday party. You are a party throwing genius :)

Bethany said...

I'm officially hiring you as a party planner. My kids are going to be lucky if they play duck, duck, goose and have a cake. Super cute!!!

Jessie and Taylor Miller said...

you put the rest of the party planners in our family to shame! love all of the amazing details!