Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Making every moment count

We were only in Texas for approximately 14 days this summer because we had places to be and people to see, but just because we had crazy traveling plans doesn't mean we could rest on our laurels or just relax while in Austin---when you have five busy babies there is virtually no time to rest...on anything. So, we tried to pack in as much fun as we could before taking off on our cross-country adventures. Here are pictures from the two weeks we were in town before we drove to Utah (the first two weeks of June 2011):

this was the view from my front porch while I waited for Jackie to come over and meet me to go walking, it looked a little ominous but also very cool

many happy hours were spent frolicking in the sprinklers in the backyard

which meant i saw a lot of this darling grin

which led to only a little of this, but i'll take what i can get

off on a morning walk in steiner ranch (our neighborhood) with my little girls in tow

we were all surprised to find these animals on a ranch down a random street in our development

yet, the kids definitely preferred time with friends to mom's walkathons

the Allen kids and the McAdams kids at Brushy Creek water park a few days after school got out

we headed straight from fun with the McAdams girls to meet Daddy for lunch at The Cheesecake Factory (Lexie is not pictured because she is in a high chair at the end of the table)

the boys

the next day we were hanging with the Hoopes family in their kitchen

a few Hoopes and Allen kids in the Hoopes' backyard, there are five kids in each family (we both have 3 girls and 2 boys so it works out great to play)

Lexie and Ava chowing down on watermelon

I'm not sure where in the process Bracken decided it was ok to take off his swimsuit and play in only his boxers

oops, looks like Austin got soaked before his shirt was off

who doesn't love being pelted in the back by hose water as they slide past?

uh, Abbie, you are supposed to slide on your stomach not your feet

or how 'bout your knees?

hi mom

Jackson wanted to be sure I documented the balloon popping, so watch the balloon


it seems Ava always hug out with the food, here she is with the Kool-Aid popcorn

Bracken was so covered in mud that Jackie had to hose him off before he could get into the car

...like I said earlier, food and Ava...

the little girls and more popcorn

a new day a new adventure, into Target we go! i can't remember now what the point of this outing or picture is, maybe just to show the world what it looks like to take five kids into a store?

mommy and lexie at Chuy's in South Austin for a family dinner on Saturday night

she always only wants mommy's drink, never her own

love my baby

Ah, Hoppin' Hippo! This was our farewell to Hoppin' Hippo. My kids love this bounce house place but it is a zillion miles from our house and in the middle of nowhere. I guess it just couldn't handle this horrible economy and needed to close for good. Knowing we wouldn't get another chance before the doors were permanently closed on June 30th we went for a farewell play day.

love the tree house with costumes and swings

clearly a Halloween costume for a baby, this kid is seriously hilarious

lexie driving the boat

Mr. Tate

i think these are the weirdest inflatables, you climb into the rear end of an elephant, make your way through an obstacle course, and emerge out the front of a giraffe...strange

he looks so happy to be dressed in this costume

maybe he could be an expressionless guard outside Buckingham Palace

time for lunch

Ruby went straight from her Lunchables to this swing. She stayed on the swing for about 30 minutes, then she threw up and we were asked to leave. It was super awesome for me.

lexie partially behind the front desk having a tantrum while ruby played on the swing for those 30 minutes

because she wanted the snacks on top of this green cupboard

outside of Hoppin' Hippo

seriously the middle of nowhere

hey mom, like my lipstick?

more fun with the Hoopes family! off to Locomotion!

ready to play

happy Lexie

my ball pit babe

Lex pushed Ruby all around in this fire engine, and into some other people as well

new day, new frozen yogurt place

clearly they liked it

looking serious

nice mustache fella

hey mom, look at the sundae i made!!!

These adventures were eight months ago now but it feels like they were yesterday. We had a great beginning to our summer!


Rachel Kirkham said...

So sad we missed you while you were home. We miss you guys so much. I'm lovin' the pictures of those darn cute kiddos of yours. Can't wait to meet #6. Miss you, love you. LOVE YOU!! XO

megan&steve said...

I had a dream you updated your blog, weird I know. BUT here was a new one and I looked at every picture. I hope you still have 10 yr anniversary plans to visit where I live. You can plan a year in advance.