Sunday, October 12, 2008

From the mouths of babes (quotes from just this morning)

Bracken: Mom, I like our old name.  
Me: What do you mean?
Bracken: I like the name of our old land.
Me: Oh.
Bracken: Yeah, because I like the way it sounds.  Reeginia!

Abbie: [sobbing and beside herself on my bedroom floor]
Me:  Honey what's wrong????
Abbie:  I HATE that dress Pinky is wearing!!  I hate black, I want her to wear her pink dress that she ALWAYS wears on this show!!
Me: Sweetie, Pinky Dinky Doo is wearing a costume for this episode because it is their Halloween show, she will wear her pink dress again later.
Abbie: Oh, ok.  That dress is ugly.

Bracken: Mom did you find me a Peter Pan costume for Halloween yet?
Me: No, but I think that Gigi might help us make a Wendy costume for Abbie and she might help us make you a Peter Pan hat.  If she does then we will go to the Disney Store and buy the rest of your costume.
Bracken: Oh, well who's going to be the pirate?
Me: What pirate?
Bracken: Captain Hook!
Me: Oh, Daddy is going to be Captain Hook and I am going to be Mr. Smee.
Bracken: Oh, well how about Tatey is Captain Hook because I'm reeeeally good at fighting Tatey!

While watching TV I usually tune out when commercials come on, apparently my children do not.
Bracken (after watching a Lubriderm commercial): Mom do you want that lotion?
Me: Why?
Bracken: Because I think you would like it because they said it will make your legs comfortable.

Bracken: Mom maybe you should get two more babies in your tummy because we still have two more seats in the back of our car. (and though we probably will have two more kids I am glad that I do not drive a bus if this is how we are determining family size)


Jake and Katie Kirkham said...

Oh your kiddies have some good one liners...LOVE IT. Makes me just want to pick them up and mug all over them!!

see for the term mugging

Jessie and Taylor Miller said...

I'm used to just getting texts or emails when you have a new post and didn't expect this to be up!!
You should let him know that the 2 extra seats in your car are for Aunt Jessie and Uncle Tay Tay and if there were 2 more babies right now then we wouldn't all fit!