Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Someone I know is getting OLD!!!

A huge shout out to my OLDER sister who has now crossed into another decade---that's right, she is 30 years old today!!!!  Oh how I wish I were going to be at her birthday brunch at Audrey's with all of the gals back home.  I know it will be a blast!  Allie, we are thinking of you here and making cupcakes in honor of your special day!  We LOVE you!!  And don't worry, we think you deserve all of those gifts DBL is complaining about...milk it for all you can, there's no turning back and no second chances...abuse the gold card if necessary (do not get the shaft like I did, if nothing comes your way then think fast and use the power you have).

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megan&steve said...

Happy Happy Birthday to your Sister Allie!