Saturday, October 4, 2008

Saturday is a special day, it's the day we get ready for Sunday!

Because it is 90 degrees in Austin today, and all of the usual signs of fall are absent, I had forgotten completely that it is October and that today is General Conference.  Thus, I had scheduled all of my normal errands and had a whole day planned of what I could get done with the help of my husband.  It wasn't until we were in the car on the way to the gym that I finally had time to do some catching up---with my kids strapped into their car seats and my husband behind the wheel---I was free to review voicemail and e-mails on my phone, it is then that I saw an e-mail from my mother-in-law (she was one step ahead of me and she's not even a member) mentioning General Conference that I realized we would be missing at least the morning session.

I love General Conference and the opportunity it affords me to hear from the leaders of our church.  I always feel so uplifted when I hear the words of the prophet and am so glad for all of their teachings.  I was reinvigorated last week after Women's Conference and the fabulous talk by Elder Uchtdorf, I left certain that I would listen to church music all day everyday and spend time reading old issues of the Ensign---basically I was so filled with the spirit that I never wanted to be without that feeling of Gods love.  Elder Uchtdorf taught that often we are too hard on ourselves, and that for some reason women tend to put themselves down and find fault in much of what they do.  I took this to heart and realized that I am definitely guilty of this critical and unproductive behavior.  It is just so much easier to find fault in what we do than to see in ourselves what God sees in us.  

Unfortunately, reality set in less than 24 hours later and I was back into the noisy life of a mother of 4 young children and the idyllic harmonious life of a perfect saint seemed merely a distant delusion.  However, I am committing to myself to try and practice speaking more kindly to myself and not being so harsh and critical, whether it be about the way my jeans fit (or don't fit), the way my house looks, or how my dinner tastes, those are worries of this world and really are quite petty and fleeting concerns.  Hopefully by posting those commitments on my blog I will feel more accountable.

Anyway, I did get to enjoy the afternoon session from my living room--hallelujah--which was great since where we were in Virginia we didn't have a cable channel that carried the broadcast.  I wish that I could say it was a peaceful experience similar to that I had had at the stake center last week for Women's Conference but, as is to be expected, Angela and Jennifer are just much better behaved than Bracken and Abbie.  As we tried to listen to the speakers Justin and I spent much of the time ushering the older two out of our carpeted family room and back into the kitchen where they were free to put their Dorito hands wherever they wanted.  Also, Abbie was sure that she needed to do my hair with one of her hair bows and then have a fashion show.  I looked great.  Above are photos of the resulting hairdo (and Bracken being spooky), I am also including pictures from the morning outing at Costco because I realized that Ruby has not made it into any photos on the blog yet.

Note:  Ever concerned about my reputation Jessie recommended that I mention my fashion show photos are post-workout, hence the exercise clothes.  Moving to Austin has not caused me to abandon my LDS ways, I have not become an immodest harlot.


Allie said...

Fun pictures. Zack and I enjoyed them. It is 10:15pm and he and I are watching some Power Rangers reincarnation. I can't figure out how he is still awake. I asked him if he liked the picture of Caroline and he said, "That is not any Caroline, that is my Abbie!" He also tried to reach for the dollar that was hanging out of your purse on one of the costco pictures.

rachel said...

Fun to catch up. Your home is beautiful. You look fab and I love costco. So you look like you are such a great mom. Looks like Texas has been a good thing. Hope it continues to be great. Funny about the eggs.

megan&steve said...

I knew you would get addicted to blogging. Its fun & easy to keep in touch. I did end up turning my blog into a book recently. I used & it was only $38 bucks. Totally worth it. I love the pictures & stories.

Jessie and Taylor Miller said...

I discovered my favorite part of this post while clicking and enlarging the photo of all 4 kids in the costco carts. Bracken and Tate are having a very amusing interaction!!
It looks like you had a chance to get a workout in before your hairbow photo shoot(hence the workout clothes)! I have gone to the gym under 10 times since becoming pregnant 5 1/2 months ago...I need to get back on the Brooke Allen fitness plan! Love ya!

Jen said...

I love getting the chance to see you and your family! Missed you at the reunion, though. It looks like you are doing well and your kiddos are super cute! Oh, and this is Jen (Alexander) Orr. You can see my fam on my blog, too.

Martha said...

Brooke, your blog is so great!It seems like it has been such a fun adventure moving to Texas! I love the chance to see your cute cute kids. I have never met sweet Ruby! I hope it won't be much longer!

Mer Swift said...

I'm laughing, because I did notice the workout attire, but I, of course, did not think you had become a harlot. I remember Sierra telling me one time about how annoying she thought it was that she couldn't go to the pool with her daughter and then go directly to the park because everybody would be judging her for her immodesty. I don't think I could handle that. However, sierra's now claiming she wants to live in Utah for the rest of her life...whatever.