Sunday, November 16, 2008

How Do Little Minds Work?

 On the way home from church today...
Bracken: Mom, is our house for sale?
Me: No, we finally bought our house.
Bracken: No, no, no.
Me: Yes, Daddy paid for it, so it is our house now. 
Bracken: Mommy I mean our house in Reginia.
Me: Oh, well that wasn't our house, that was Grandpa's house.
Bracken: Ugh!  Not Grandpa's house, OUR house.
Me:  The house that we lived in, the townhouse, was Grandpa's house, he was just letting us live there.
Bracken: What?
Me:  Grandpa lives in his own house but the townhouse we lived in, and the house the Burton's live in, are both Grandpa's too.  He just lets other people live in them.  It's called renting.  People pay to live in a house that someone else owns.
Bracken:  I can't believe this!  I didn't know Grandpa was a house seller!!!!!!!  I just thought he was a Grandpa!!!

The following anecdote is totally gross, you may want to skip it...
Bracken (after being put to bed, running down the stairs in his pajama's screaming): THERE'S SOMETHING SPICY IN MY BUNS!!!  THERES SOMETHING SPICY IN MY BUNS!!!
[Justin checked, and indeed there was something in his buns--I don't know if it was spicy---it was a fire ant and it was biting Bracken between his buns... I won't be any more graphic than that]

The other morning at 6:00AM in my bed...
Abbie (she says this every single morning when she appears in my room):  Mom aren't you going to make our breakfast?
Me:  Yes honey I will.
Abbie: Then make it.
Me:  I said I will, just give me a minute to wake up.
Abbie:  Mom, get out of your bed!
Me (to Justin):  I guess that's what moms are for.
Me (to Abbie):  Abbie, what are moms for?
Abbie (matter-of-factly as though I were an idiot):  For kids.

Upon receiving a gigantic life-sized Diner from Grandpa for his birthday...
Bracken (leaving a very somber message on my Dads cell phone):  Hi Grandpa, I have something to tell you that I think is going to make you very sad.  My mom says that we have to take this present back to the store.  She said that it is way too big and that we don't have room for it.  I'm sorry that we can't keep the present you got me.  Love, Bracken.
[I guess he thought that he was writing a letter---who says "love, (your name)" at the end of a message?]

Bracken (at dinner tonight, out of the blue):  Mom, I hope you don't die.
[hmmm, I hope I don't die too]

While getting out of the car at church today...
Bracken:  Mom, when I am Cooper and Kelly's age then you are going to be really old!
[We weren't even talking about Cooper and Kelly...funny how age, and the word "old", have become relative terms...I used to think thirty was quite old...that is no longer the case]

Right before bed tonight (before the fire ant incident)...
Bracken: Mom, I really have to tell you something.
Me: What.
Bracken:  I am not going to wear my Superman P.J.'s until Uncle Taylor comes.
Me: Ok.
Bracken:  I have to save them because he is going to think they are really cool and really special!
[I'm sure Taylor will hardly be able to contain himself!  Well...actually, I think he has already seen them.  Oh well, he and Bracken have some superhero/Batman watching Bracken to make sure he's good---sort of like Santa's elves---thing going]


Miller Family said...

haha! that fire ant story is too funny. I think you should get Tay some of the superman pjs with footies that target has right now in grown up man sizes, then they could match.

Jessie and Taylor Miller said...

SO sad! I will be sure to check the guest bed for fire ants while I'm in town!!!
We loved the pj quote, and thanks for reminding us about Taylor's secret friendship with Batman!!!

J and Rachel Kirkham said...

We have fire ants here too and I agree with Bracken, they are spicy! I have not however had an experience quite like his with his buns. Senate likes to eat them and then he whimpers when they sting his tongue.

megan&steve said...

awesome little clips & thoughts from the kids. Poor bracken & the fire ant! I'm glad you are their mom & remember what they talk about. IT sure is hilarious!

Allie said...

The spicy buns story is too good. Andrew came up to my room crying hysterically last night about how much he misses Bracken and how Bracken is going to forget him. I don't know what set him off, but he was very, very sad.

Shannon and Kevin said...

These are hilarious stories! That's so great that you have them recorded! I can't wait for Jordan to start talking so I can laugh at his cute comments.

Bethany said...

Um, I laughed hysterically at Bracken saying there is something spicy in his buns. That is too funny.

On a random note, lLast night, I was at a seminary inservice meeting (my husband and I are teaching early morning seminary), and there was a brother there who looked familiar, and it wasn't until the teacher said, "Thank you, Brother Allen" that I realized it was Justin's dad. What a small world!

megan&steve said...

what happened to regular posts? Come back!!!!!!!!!!!!