Saturday, November 8, 2008

Imagination---on SALE!!!

My kids LOVE to play dress-up and everyone who knows them knows that.  Abbie chooses to wear a different princess dress almost everyday.  She also insists upon accessorizing and wearing heels.  Bracken is the same way (not with dresses and heels), and was actually our first child to obsess over this form of make believe.   When the Police family gave us some hand-me-downs from Ben and they included some of his old Batman and Superman costumes Bracken fell in love.  We are now going on year three of him loving to dress up as one hero or another several times a week.

For the first year we rotated between Superman and Batman several times a day, and by year two we added some Spiderman costumes into the mix, but today was the single GREATEST addition to our costume closet yet!!!  In case you didn't head to Target on your Saturday errands today you may have missed their sale on all Halloween goods.  All of their costumes were 90% off, NINETY!!!  In fact all of the Halloween stuff was 90% off, which means that the giant bags of assorted candies were on sale for $0.59 and the costumes were between $2 and $3 each.  We stocked up on five costumes for Bracken (Transformer, Ninja Turtle, Black Ninja, Captain Jack Sparrow, and an extra Power Ranger suit) and two for Abbie (High School Musical Cheerleader and Camp Rock girl).  The kids were ecstatic that they could now dress up as even more of their favorite imaginary idols, and I was ecstatic to have more costumes in the mix (many kids costumes aren't supposed to go through the washing machine and ours are beginning to either look very loved or very gross).  I have broken down and washed some because of the outrageous number of times they've been worn, napped in, spilled on, etc. but there are some I can't bring myself to wash because I know it will destroy them.  I doubt that Superman would look very super if I washed his faux muscles away.  So, for now we are glad to have extended the collection.

As soon as we got home from running our errands the kids stripped down and had a fashion show.  Tate was furious because no costumes were purchased for him but usually he hates wearing costumes so we were surprised by his reaction.  Luckily we were able to find some of those old Ben Police costumes Bracken had loved so much and Tate was able to join the fun.  They were pretending that the playscape was their ship and that Abbie was the queen who was leading them all away on a journey.  I was just glad that they were willing to play outside and use their imaginations.  Oh, and I was also put into hysterics by what the static electricity did to Ruby's hair---what a babe!


Allie said...

Wow, that is a fabulous steal. You know I am tempted to stock up and sell them on craigslist next year, but I agree I have no where to stash them and will regret doing so soon. If our costume box wasn't overflowing I might be hopping in my car right now. Cute kids!

J and Rachel Kirkham said...

Ruby's hair is FANTASTIC and way to go on the bargain dress up clothes!

Heather & Dave said...

You are the most fun mom ever. What a great way for your kids to explore their imaginations...and who could disagree with those sales?! Ruby's hairdo is COSTUME all in it's own. I can't believe our little girls will be ONE soon...crazy! Is it tough doing winter birthday parties? I'm just used to swimming/summer birthdays.Let me know of any tips.

Jessie and Taylor Miller said...

These are great photos. Tate has gotten so strong!!
I love Abbie's cheerleading outfit.. Go East High!!!
Not the biggest fan of Brackens ninja outfit bc you can't see his face and its a little scary!