Friday, November 21, 2008

Three Cheers for Emily

I LOVE my sister-in-law Emily!!!!!  This is not breaking news, I have always loved Emily, but I am so grateful for her today.  In response to my plea of desperation (see post below) I received a very sweet voicemail on my cell phone this morning.  She left the message last night saying that she thinks she can help us out.  It is not even 7AM in Utah yet, so I have decided to place a thankful shout-out on my blog instead of waking her up with my hysterical shrieks of joy.  Emily, I will call you today!  You are the BEST!!!!!

[FYI we had not been harassing Emily (as we had her parents) to fill the position because we knew that she has school (BYU) and a job.  She was obviously on a very short list of most desirable candidates but we were saving her as an option only in an emergency situation----Emily we did this out of love and respect for you and your crazy schedule but if you are willing we are DEFINITELY going to accept!!!]


Allie said...

Emily, you are awesome! I recommended you to Brooke several times as a good option, and every time she said you would be perfect but unavailable due to school and work commitments.

What a fun way for you to catch up with the nieces and nephews!

Brooke, congratulations on securing the position. I just had an image of you opening your door to say, "The position 'as been filled." Then looking down and seeing only a small dog, because all of the prospects had blown away.

Melodrama Mama said...

Family is great! I am glad that she was able to help!