Saturday, November 8, 2008

You can take the girl out of the Capitol...

...but you can't take the American spirit out of the girl!!
Hooray for Election day!  Actually, this is clearly a little late, but better late than never, right?  I just wanted everyone back home to have proof that the election did not pass us by here in the lone star state.

I have opted to leave politics out of this post, the election is over now so I don't need to get up on my soap box.  I must admit though that I am very relieved that this election cycle has come to a close.  I was sick of the divisiveness that existed in many areas, and I also don't appreciate the misguided notion of some that there is one true party in the same way that there is one true religion.  That is obviously not the case.  I am grateful to live in a country and belong to a church that both allow me to hold to my convictions and make my own educated decisions.

Justin was in Oklahoma on Tuesday so, sadly, we were apart for the fun of watching CNN and seeing what was transpiring around the country.  However, I did not allow his absence to detract from the kids experience.  When they surfaced in my bedroom at the crack of dawn I asked them if they knew what day it was, Bracken seemed exasperated by my even asking, but responded, "yes mom, it's pick the president day."  What a smart son I am raising/brainwashing!  

I dressed all the kids in red, white, and blue outfits (except Ruby, she is growing like a weed and fits into almost nothing...she is hugely fat and it's adorable) and I donned all of my mom's patriotic gear.  Really, when else would I wear this sweater or these earrings?  I don't think many people caught on to why I was dressed this way, which is really not a good sign, but one mom at the preschool did compliment the earrings.

Justin and I voted absentee from Virginia since we thought our vote would count more there, and because we did not officially close on our house until last Monday night---YES, WE DID FINALLY CLOSE ON OUR HOUSE, HOORAY---so we felt safe using our VA address because we weren't really officially Texan's yet.  We were both very grateful to be part of the democratic process and are even more thrilled that Barack Obama will be the next president!!!  We are beyond ready for a change and really believe that President-elect Obama is the right man for the job.

Hope you all voted, no matter who you were supporting!

Note:  Bracken is wearing my cowboy boots in the pictures, he obviously did not wear them to school.  Also, I forced them to take that sitting down picture even though they complained that they were being blinded by the sun, hence the squinting.


J and Rachel Kirkham said...

You look awesome in the sweater and earrings! ROCK THE VOTE!

Heather & Dave said...

Love your outfit and the kids' outfits. Totally patriotic! I think we should all call it "pick the president day"...Bracken is adorable.

Jessie and Taylor Miller said...

What a great post!
I'm glad you were able to "baROCK the vote."

Melodrama Mama said...

Congrats on the win of your candidate of choice. I will instruct my Hub to keep an eye on him! And I will henceforth call election day: Pick the President Day!