Friday, January 14, 2011

little lexie lamby turns one

the little lollipop on the top of her sweet cake

this is the family cake, lexie is our lamby and the cake was just perfect for her

this was her special little cake
(a little worse for the wear after being in the car in the Austin August heat)

two too cute cakes

the kids were playing a game of tails around the backyard before cake and ice cream

lexie wanted to get in on the action but it was dark after dinner and a little prickly on the grass

eyes closed before sinking her gums into that first scrumptious bite

she pulled the whole cake up with one little tug

open wide

maybe i'll just suck the frosting off the side

yes, delicious

lexie's cake was vanilla, ours was red velvet

big sister, diva

opening presents/observing siblings opening her presents

lexie loves baby dolls, we were sure to get her a special Corolle doll for the occasion

oh I love you baby

happy baby love


Allie said...

Lexie is such a cutie. I am glad that her birthday was fabulous. Keep posting!

Jessie and Taylor Miller said...

i think she is blessing her cake before her first bite:) i loved seeing these pictures!!!! that cake is sooo cute!

The Weeds said...

Happy Birthday Miss Lexie! She is a clone of you as a baby, Brooke, too cute! The cake looks delicious but definitely too pretty to eat!

p.s. the photobooth pictures were taken at a wedding. They had everyone do it and printed out one for you to keep and then on for them to keep for their guest book. I know a lot of people out here rent them for they wedding receptions. I can find the exact company if you'd like--it's the best one I've seen actually. They even had a pile of props at your feet that you could put on for the pictures

Miller Family said...

So excited to see you have rejoined the blogging world! So many fun pics and adventures (maybe you need to make your next adventure a trip to virginia?).

Anna See said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Lexie!

Love the blog header, Brooke!

Heather and Dave said...

What an adorable ONE year old! Lexie is a sweet little lamb and we're glad she has a special Corolle dollie. I love the way they smell....mmmm! All the photos are darling - we loved looking at al the new posts and seeing what you've been up to the past little while. You're so good to play catch up...I just move on and skip big chunks of time...maybe I'll reconsider seeing how fun it is to look back. Love you guys!!!

Jessie said...

Love that cake! And her skirt just made me giggle! Glad your blogging again!