Friday, January 14, 2011

River Ridge Rattlers: First Day of School 2010

ready for their big day

new outfit, new sneakers, no more collared shirts. ready for first grade.

Kindergarten here I come!

a special present mom hid in her purse on the way back from utah. aunt jessie knew that abbie might need a little something extra to make it through such a long day (kindergarten is all day in Austin, 7:45 am to 2:45 pm).

a gorgeous new ring, thanks aunt jessie

tate felt the need to wear his backpack like his older siblings, he will have his big day next year

a little timid

finding her cubby. abbie has mrs. berger this year, the class is "berger and fries" (the teacher and the kids, so cute!)

my little monkey is officially a monkey this year in Mrs. B's class

hmmm, tate can't seem to find his desk

"Brack", or so says the name plate

those not going to school were treated to hash browns

ruffle bums

big enough to play, how is time passing so quickly?

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Jessie and Taylor Miller said...

ive never seen any of these photos. i think its fun to see lexie as a chubby baby hanging over your arm bc it reminds me of my first day of kindergarten video where josh looks exactly the same hanging over mom's. she didn't have 2 other kids in between us though!