Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Summer kick-off block party, Father's Day, and a little rain

Bracken, Abbie, and Tate riding the kiddie train in our cul-de-sac at the neighborhood block party

Summer, here we come!

boy with the dragon tattoo
(it looked super awesome at church the next day)

The fire station is only about two miles up the road so we were lucky to have had our neighbor arrange for the firemen to come to the party!

Happy Father's Day! I have no idea where that crown came from...

Abbie REALLY wanted to get her daddy a watch for Father's Day because she knows he loves watches but since she had no money she had to settle for making him one, complete with twisty-tie closure!

the suspense is killing them


"What?" -Abbie (she asks this anytime you look at her)
Dad's favorite gift of the day was the big leather sectional we had been waiting on for months, it finally arrived on Sunday afternoon---Happy Father's Day! Abbie immediately told us the corner was her spot, Justin is going to have to fight her for it.

out playing in the short-lived Texas rain

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