Thursday, January 20, 2011

smart cookie

I have grossly neglected my visiting teaching, it is really quite shameful. Tuesday was a particularly cold and gloomy day and I just did not feel like dealing with the elements so we decided to have an inside day. At our house inside days equal baking days...ok, who am I kidding, all who know me know that basically every day is a baking day but at least this day there was an excuse to be inside baking! Anyway, I decided to make some cookies for the gals I visit teach and I was so happy to have a little elf home to help me. I know that there are times that I go crazy having my busy little bugs at home but I will truly miss the special mornings I get to spend with them doing things we both enjoy.

Now that Ruby has reached the ripe old age of three she is quite the little helper and today she was a particularly good taste-tester. She didn't even mind the whole wheat flour!

thank you my faithful friend for allowing me to use and abuse you on almost a daily basis

eyes closed, love it!

sugar lips

i know she wishes she could get that whole spatula into her mouth

baking babe

this shirt was a total coincidence

"mom, wash hands!"

Ruby will be in school three days next year in the "big girl" three-year-old class and I will be sad that she has grown so much. For now I am grateful that she reliably always wants Dora, her cozy, and can barely peep over these counters!


Allie said...

Ruby is looking a lot like Justin. There is definitely an Allen look to her that looks like that side of the family. I think it is the eyes.

Now I want a cookie. Zack came up and requested brownies and then told me he had 100 dibs on the bowl.

Jessie and Taylor Miller said...

i thought the same allen look thing that allie did. sometimes shes a mini you but she looks like the allens in this post.