Friday, April 30, 2010

Faux Christmas

Abbie was Mary at the church Christmas dinner

Ruby thought she should be Mary and tried several times to climb onto the stage

Grandpa Lee bought plane tickets for the whole family to fly back to Virginia on Christmas eve so we would all be together on Christmas day (despite me having stated a million times my desire to NOT travel during the holidays) but my kids still don't follow the dates on a calendar so they didn't know it wasn't really Christmas. We celebrated everything two days early so we could be ready for our early flight on Dec.24th. In hindsight maybe we should have explained to them about the dates, etc. because as they boarded the plane people kept asking them if they were excited for Christmas. My kids looked at the people like they were idiots because Santa had come the day before.

making cookies for Santa...with whole wheat flour because Santa is too fat according to Bracken

Christmas eve story telling

the goods left by Santa

Christmas morning

hmmm, where is that fifth child?

Look how tired and rundown Ruby looks driving her baby around. I bet that's how I look driving my busy crew around town.

I guess Santa knew my kids LOVE to dress up and they do it every single day

a hybrid of the red ranger and Sharpay from High School Musical

...I know that Jessie gave me a zillion pictures of actual Christmas pictures of when we were actually in Virginia but I guess I haven't found those yet.

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Jessie and Taylor Miller said...

very fun! im sure abs felt super special