Friday, April 30, 2010


So...I guess some of you have noticed that I had fallen off of planet blog, that became apparent after multiple months with no posts whatsoever. Yet, what you didn't know was that I was secretly trying to blog as frequently as I had before four became five but I could just never find the time to finish them. Jessie (who seems to know all of my secrets and passwords) was able to go onto my blog and view all of my drafts and was horrified to realize I had just not been posting the things I had been working on.

I guess I have been kidding myself to believe that a time would come when I would be able to perfect and finish these posts so instead I have decided to just post them all...if I can do that in the next five minutes without any children screaming, etc.

I know that it is annoying to look through a zillion old posts but I must say that some of the best pictures are on the oldest post, "Synchronized smiling" (it's like four posts back). Here's the catch-up...


Lonna said...

Ah now I see why I was reading about Christmas after spring break. I get it.

I love seeing all the fun things that you are doing, and secretly wondering how it is possible to do all the things you do, so keep it coming, even out of order. Just wondering what are you going to do when Lexi starts walking/running? Do you think that she will be as energetic as Ruby and Tate. I can't wait.

rachel said...

I just got your comment on my blog.I am so bumbed. We just got our house under contract and now are moving early. Memorial Day Weekend, so we now have to get there in three days and have no time to stop on the way and have fun. Three thirteen hour days sound like torture, YES!!! I will let you know if I have kids at the end.