Friday, April 30, 2010

Party Hearty!!

Abbie and her two BFF's, Reagan and Brooke

Ruby finally getting her chance to get up on the risers, she was clawing to get up there throughout the entire program...I waited with her in the hall until the kids finished.

Bracken and Abbie both insisted on me making them necklaces out of holiday ribbon and tree ornaments.

pretzels dipped in carmel, the first step of many

the finished product with multiple layers of chocolate and carmel

Teacher gifts of our favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe and ingredients

Abbie and her class of Ms.Q's Kangaroos

Tate decorating his gingerbread was also pajama day...I don't get it either


Bracken and his best friend Eric being weird as always

oops, no filter on this package of sprinkles

pin the nose on the snowman

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