Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Silly Parents, Spring Break is for Kids!

Here in Austin our spring break was in the middle of March, so I am still running at least a month behind in my posts but I couldn't allow myself to lose the memories of that week into the abyss of my iphoto gallery. So, without much clever analysis or great stories to accompany the photos, here was our spring break in a nutshell:

Either we dragged the kids or the kids dragged us all around Texas during their week off of school. The first stop Monday afternoon was The Mighty Cone, a not-so-temporary taco truck that has received a lot of notoriety and is owned by a very exclusive upscale restaurant across town. We'd never to been to The Mighty Cone but had heard about it and seen it recommended in magazines. We learned the hard way that they are only closed on Mondays.

Check it out, across the street from Mighty Cone is Allen's boots with a huge boot donning the name of our favorite Allen!

There is also a candy store downtown with an old fashioned soda fountain that has generated some buzz, I wasn't very impressed. I guess I've seen more than my share of amazing soda fountains in my day and this one was lame by comparison but the kids loved the candy!

Abbie got a cookies and cream ice cream cone at the soda fountain...

...but most of it ended up on her face!

After no luck at The Mighty Cone, we headed straight to Chuy's!!! Hardly a consolation prize and always a favorite!

Wednesday was St. Patrick's Day and last year the kids wouldn't eat the green eggs, so I went another way this year

hmm, how is there only one gone?

After an unappetizing breakfast daddy and the kids wanted to go to Rudy's for lunch.

hi daddy

Four going on eighteen

what are you looking at?

no kids were pinched today

Thursday we were finally down at the resort and we were grateful it was warm enough to swim because it's been a little cooler this year than last.

If he doesn't get to the pool soon I think this monster is going to get me!

oops, ballerina down!

I saw these swimsuits at Christmas time in a catalog at my dad's. Crazy expensive but too cute and totally worth it, right?

where there's a will...

there's a way

This is Bracken being furious and dramatic about how many pictures I am taking on our way to the pool. I remember what it was like to be six...and now I know why my parents drove me crazy taking so many pictures.

gorgeous babe in training

Tate shooting the water cannon at one of the bullseye targets above the lazy river

the uncomplicated life of a child

view of the resort from our balcony

an attempt at a closer view

It was an itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny, yellow polka dot bikini...and yes all three girls also have this swimsuit

we hit up DQ in a tiny town on our way home

inventing chocolate lipstick

looking very ready to move on to dairy

good 'til the last lick

mom, why don't you ever take a picture of me when I'm eating a carrot or an apple?

a satisfying mess

We had a great spring break and wish that we had more chances for fun getaways with the whole family!!!


Anna See said...

Oh my goodness! Your children are simply adorable! I love your photography skills, too! Such amazing closeups that surely capture their individual personalities.

Allie said...

I think it is cruel how you starve your children. Actually, I'm quite envious that someone who had eaten sooooo much ice cream in a week was brave enough to don a yellow polka dotted bikini. She wears it well. How is it that dad is not in any of these pictures? How can it be a trip with dad without a pile on picture with dad at the bottom of a mound of grandkids?

Jessie and Taylor Miller said...

those swimsuits are so beautiful i can't even picture them getting wet! I LOVE your kiddos and miss them all. Lex is a chunk all of a sudden. i love it! xoxo
also- very jealous of your fun resort/vacation

megan&steve said...

Great roadtrip to the resort. Those girlie swimsuits are awesome, did they come in Mommy sizes too?
I see a mini sunburn under Abbies eyes, but she wears it well.

Lonna said...

That looks like a very fun trip, I love all the ice cream eating pictures, and the swim suits make me want to go swimming...kind of.

Lexi is getting so big, and I love that you tried to make it around to all the local note worthy hot spots on the lists. After a few not so fantastic places we also choose to keep it to mostly our favorites. Thank goodness that there are lots of places to try that keep everyone happy.

Jessie said...

Looks like good times! I am sooooo jealous you guys have pools that are open! It's warm enough here they just won't open them! :( Your kiddos are getting so big!

Heather and Dave said...

What FUN photos! I love your new camera- you take BEAUTIFUL photos of your gorgeous kiddos :) I loved the matching swim suits and all the ice cream photos - you're brave to give them the cones in the car though! Abbie is so grown up looking and Ruby's pig tails are to die for!! Wish molly let me put them in her hair more. Miss you guys!

The Weeds said...

What a fun break! I loved the update, thanks. Your kids are too cute. Love the bikini Rubes is in. I have TOO MANY memories of turning up the jukebox in your basement and running around, dancing, and singing my heart out to that great song. Glad you guys are doing well :)