Friday, April 30, 2010

Synchronized Smiling

Why is it so difficult to just smile? Well, not to just smile but to sit still, look at the camera, not blink, not cry, not be grumpy, not pinch your siblings to get them in trouble...I could go on forever. Do the children not realize that if they could just pose happily for a few seconds it would all be over. Is synchronized smiling really that difficult????
Bracken is SOOOOOO done...and my baby looks like a skinny monkey, I know
IT'S OVER GRANDPA!!! They are not making me take any more pictures!!!!
WHY must you do this to me????
(actually this is how I felt also)
In the end none of these shots were good enough to carry the Christmas card on their own so as most of you know we opted for the lame 17 picture montage. Better luck next year!


Jessie and Taylor Miller said...

skinny monkey-hmmm, just like her aunt jess's baby pictures. she's such a chunk now though( lexi... not jess... well... maybe both..)

Heather and Dave said...

Love Love LOVE those dresses - I loved the montage of photos too for the xmas cards - totally not lame :)